History of Exploration and Development of the Controversial Giant Poza Rica Field Complex, Tampico-Misantla Basin, Mexico.
C. Stabler, S. E. Thornton
The Highest Flow Rate in the World: History of Discovery and Extension of the Golden Lane Trend, Tampico Misantla Basin, Mexico.
C. Stabler, S. E. Thornton
Giants in the Lowlands and Foothills: A History of Exploration in the Llanos Basin, Colombia
A. Mora
Middle Magdalena Valley, Colombia — The Origin of Ecopetrol
C. E. Escalante
Shell, Texaco and Occidental, Pioneers in the Exploration of the Putumayo-Oriente-and Marañón Basins, Colombia-Ecuador and Peru
H. San Martin
Introductory Remarks
Impact of CSEM Methods in Risk and Volumetric Evaluation of Prospects and Discoveries in Deep Water Gulf of Mexico
M. Arreguin, H. B. Rivera, J. Hernández Olazarán, F. C. Juarez
Salt Tectonics and Exploration Potential of the Deepwater Cuenca del Sur (Campeche) Salt Basin, Mexico
I. Davison
Structural Styles and Regional Play Types in the Mexican Offshore From New Seismic Data
C. O’Reilly, J. Keay, A. Birch-Hawkins, D. Chisari, J. Kegel, B. Torry, A. Fick, D. Bate*
Leveraging Technology to Reveal the Next Giants: Mexico Deepwater Campeche
M. El-Toukhy, R. Hubbard, K. Lyons, M. Krenov
Compelling Evidence from Eastern Mexico for a Late Paleocene/Early Eocene Isolation, Drawdown and Refill of The Gulf of Mexico
S. P. Cossey, D. Van Nieuwenhuise, J. Davis, J. H. Rosenfeld, J. Pindell
Imaging the Pre-Salt Gulf of Mexico: Basin Classification and Comparison With Other World Class Petroleum Basins
A. Goswami, A. Hartwig, K. Reuber*, J. Pindell
Allochthonous Salt Sheet Growth: Implications for Thermal History and Source Rock Maturation in the Burgos and Perdido Basins, Mexico
I. Davison, T. Cunha
Prospect Hammerhead (AC 943 #1 Exploration Well) Alaminos Canyon Protraction, U.S. Perdido Fold Belt, Gulf of Mexico
M. W. Martin
Mechanisms of Erosion and Entrainment by Submarine Mass-Flows; Insights From the Santos Basin, Offshore Brazil
A. Ortiz-Karpf, D. Hodgson, C. A. Jackson, W. D. McCaffrey
Mechanisms and Products of Mineralization in Modern and Recent Microbialites From Great Salt Lake – Implications for the Fossil Record
R. Bourillot, A. Pace, A. Bouton, E. Vennin, C. Dupraz, S. Galaup, I. Bundeleva, P. Patrier, C. Thomazo, P. Sansjofre, Y. Yokoyama, M. Franceschi, Y. Anguy, L. Pigot, A. Virgone, P. Visscher
Origin and Spatial Temporal Distribution of Clay Coatings in Shallow Marine Clastic Deposits: Insights From a Modern Estuarine Reservoir Analog (Gironde Estuary, France)
M. P. Virolle, R. Bourillot, H. Fenies, B. Brigaud, E. Portier, P. Patrier, D. Beaufort
How Variable are Submarine Basin-Floor Lobes in Space and Time?
Y. T. Spychala, D. Hodgson, S. Flint, N. Mountney
Paleoenvironments of the Albian Glen Rose Carbonate System in the Gulf of Mexico: USA and Mexico
C. M. Lowery, J. W. Snedden, P. Ganey-Curry, T. Whiteaker, J. W. Virdell
Introductory Remarks
Deepwater Clastic Systems Along the 1000 km Exhumed Gondwana Margin: Lessons from Outcrop Studies
S. Flint, D. Hodgson, R. Brunt, M. Poyatos-More
Forward Stratigraphic Modelling of Deep-Sea Sedimentary Environments: Predicting Facies Distribution in Salt Tectonics Context
E. A. Marfisi, M. Callies, N. Hawie, A. Barrois
Characterization of Small-Scale Cycles of the Vaca Muerta Formation in Short-Cores and Outcrop, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
L. E. Rueda Sánchez, D. F. McNeill, M. Tenaglia, G. Eberli, L. Rodriguez, L. Peterson, R. WEGER
Drainage Systems in Rift Basins: Implications for Reservoir Quality
S. Schwarz, L. Wood
Linking Diagenetic History of Upper Cambrian Microbial Buildups to Genetic Pore Types, and Computed Tomographic Responses From Pore to Core, and Log Scales
J. M. Proctor, P. Khanna, H. Hopson, A. Droxler, N. Derzhi, D. Lehrmann
Application of Simultaneous Inversion and Gemechanical Facies in the Characterization of an Unconventional Play: An Example From the Vaca Muerta Formation in Argentina
S. A. Cuervo, H. Malcotti
Reduced Frac Spread Costs Through Optimized Shaped Charge Design
K. Harive, M. W. Denmon*, J. Walden
Petroleum Systems in Conventional, Unconventional Resources in Northern Arabia
M. M. Elasmar
Application of Elastic Parameters in the Basin Modeling of Unconventional Reservoirs
A. P. España, A. L. Santana, J. H. Morales, R. N. López, O. V. Mijangos
Introductory Remarks
Advanced Well-Site Geochemistry While Drilling: Improved Wellbore Positioning and Formation Evaluation of Unconventional Reservoirs
P. Mainali, G. Yemidale, M. Dix, S. Heard, Z. Crosby, J. Austin, M. Tilford
Optimizing Shale Reservoir Characterization With Spectroscopy Evaluation While Drilling
Z. Crosby, C. Mejia, C. Langford, P. Mainali
Integrated Application of LWD Electrical Images to Drilling, Geosteering and Real-Time Formation Evaluation: A Case Study From the Precambrian Dengying Formation, Central Sichuan Basin of China
D. Wang, F. Zhou
Integrated 3-D Real-Time Visualization of Reservoir Navigation Model, 3-D Seismic Cube and While-Drilling Inversion of Ultra-Deep Azimuthal Resistivity
E. Z. Ferreira, A. Vianna, F. Silva, A. Meira, R. C. Baptista, A. Martins, B. Fidalgo, J. Gripp
Using Surface Geochemistry in Petroleum Exploration Too High Grade Areas for Seismic in Unexplored and Under Explored Basins
S. A. Tedesco
Oil Accumulation Related to Migration of Source Kitchens in the Lukeqin Structural Belt, Turpan-Hami Basin
Q. Liu
Application of Advanced Mud Gas Analysis for Field Development: Kuwait Deep Carbonate Case Study
A. Al-Doheim, N. Rao, C. Pattnaik, V. K. Kidambi, Q. Dashti , J. Estarabadi, A. Shoeibi
Multi-Attribute Integrated Data Analysis of the Washout Creek 3C-3D Data Set: Increasing the Resolution and Resolving Power of Seismic Data
M. Perz, X. Li, W. Ohlhauser, R. Sharma, P. Cary, S. Chopra, M. Nemati, D. Bate*
Innovative Log Reconstruction Workflows for Seismic Reservoir Characterisation Through Mitigation of the Challenges of Extremely Sparse Data Set
N. Rao, C. Pattnaik, V. K. Kidambi, L. Al-Mijrin, M. Acharya, Q. Dashti , B. Singh
Recent Advances in the Understanding of Northern Basin Stratigraphy, Gulf of Paria: Integrating Biostratigraphic and Palynological Analysis
S. Gazalie, C. Lakhan , C. Archie
A Reseach on the Possible Contributing Factors of Water Breakthrough in Cased-Hole Completed Wells
R. Balesar
Sedimentary Model and Reservoir Distribution of Cambrian Evaporite-Carbonate Paragenesis in the Sichuan Basin
A. Xu, Z. Wang, S. Hu*, Bo, W. Lu , X. Zhai
Introductory Remarks
Joint Inversion of Conventional Well Logs for Determining the Pore Microstructure and Saturation of Carbonate Formations
E. Kazatchenko, M. Markov, A. Moustov, E. Pervago
Permeability Determination in Carbonate Rocks Integrating Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Acoustic and Formation Test Data
J. P. Salazar, B. Kriegshauser, H. Thern, I. Hinze
Understanding the Transition Between Limestone and Dolomite to Estimate the Hydrocarbon Volume of Carbonate Reservoirs
Z. Hossain
Seismic Geomorphology and Characterization of Deep Water Architectural Elements and its Applications in 3-D modeling: A Case of Study, North Carnarvon Basin Australia
J. J. Tellez, R. M. Slatt
High Resolution, Super Efficient Wide Azimuth Beam Tomography for Velocity Model Building
A. M. Popovici, N. Tanushev, S. S. Hardesty
Identification of Neogene Mixed Lacustrine Carbonate in Western Qaidam Basin
Z. Fan
Advanced CRS Application by Model Based Attribute Guidance
P. Schlueter, H. Trappe*, G. Eisenberg
Introductory Remarks
Structure and Kinematic Implications of the Western Gulf of Mexico Transform Margin, and the Oxfordian Pre-Drift Reconstruction of Yucatán
J. Pindell, A. Goswami, E. Haire, C. Campbell, B. W. Horn
Triangular Juxtaposition Diagrams: Incorporating Across-Fault Growth to Reduce Uncertainty
H. Anderson, C. Reilly, S. Mücklisch, F. R. Marks
Break-up Processes at Magma-Rich Rifted Margins:Imaged Through the Lens of a Mega-Regional, Long-Offset, Trans-Crustal Reflection Seismic Dataset
K. McDermott, E. C. Gillbard, B. W. Horn
The Equatorial Atlantic: South American Evidence for Early Opening Transpression
K. Reuber, J. Pindell, B. W. Horn
Jurassic-Cretaceous Tectonic Evolution of the Southeastern Gulf of Mexico, Constrains on to the Style and Timing of the Gulf of Mexico Rift-Drift Development
G. Marton
Continent-Ocean Transitions, How Do They Form? An Example From Sergipe Alagoas, Brazil
S. Fraser, I. Clark*
The Role of Heritage in the Architecture of the Andaman Rift: Oblique and Diachronous Reactivation of Basement Faults
T. Maurin, L. Sirgue, E. Zuckmeyer
Cenozoic Geologic Evolution of the Belize Central Continental Margin: Long-Lived Offshore Isolated Carbonate Platforms Versus Juvenile Barrier Reef
A. W. Droxler, E. Ferro
Integrating Seismic Data With Regional Geology and Aeromagnetic Data to Deduce Basin Evolution: Gulf of Mexico Case Example
J. Pindell, E. Haire, A. Goswami, B. W. Horn, E. Miranda Canseco, R. Molina Garza
Hot Black Salsa: A Brief History of Petroleum in Cuba
J. Podruski, E. Linares Cala, S. E. Thornton
History of Petroleum Exploration in Trinidad and Tobago
K. M. Persad, C. Archie*
Discovery of the World Class Petroleum Province Reforma-Akal, Southeast Basin, Mexico
J. J. Meneses-Rocha, C. Stabler
The First Mexican Woman Geologist
P. O. Gómez
Introductory Remarks
Groundwater Environmental Liability Management Using Baseline Sampling Programs
T. Murphy
An Experimental Study of Carbon Sequestration via Mineralization of Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Gypsum
J. M. Graham, R. J. Donahoe
CO2 Sequestrations: Environmental Best Practices in Light of EPA/World Bank/Equator Principles, EPA Findings About Releases From Injection Zone and Applications to Enhanced Oil Recovery and Gas Development in Mexico
R. C. Bost
Underground Imaging to Detect Voids at Aqueduct Levee Crossings Using Geophysical Survey Techniques
Z. Li
Introductory Remarks
Introductory Remarks
Introductory Remarks
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