Morning Presentations

Integrating Seismic Data and Seafloor Geochemical Sampling Technologies to De-Risk Deepwater Colombia
E. B. Manning, R. Schelstrate, P. Van Rensbergen, B. Lyons, C. Hamilton, N. Simons
Facies Architecture of a Porous Upper Ordovician Reef in the Hudson Bay Basin — A Potential Reservoir Directly on Top of a Type II Source Rock
A. Castagner, A. Desrochers, D. Lavoie*
The Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada Has Many Analogues to the Barents Sea’s First Permian Oil Discovery
B. Beauchamp
Finding the Exploration Sweet Spot — Lessons Learned So Far in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq
N. Raterman, D. Goff, R. Dvoretsky, S. Banerjee, J. Little
Earth Systems Modelling in the Predictive Mapping of Source Rock Environments: The Application of Organic Matter Productivity and Anoxia/Dysoxia Preservation Models for the Greater Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean
J. Harris, A. Ashley, S. Otto, J. Watson, M. Goodrich, P. Valdes, J. Hill, A. Avdis
Stratigraphic High-Grading of Exploration Fairways: Deepwater Reservoir Distribution in Time and Space, Offshore East Africa
K. McDonough, B. W. Horn
“Sheet Sands” Revisited: A Potentially Misleading Concept at Production Scale
V. Abreu, G. Gaillot, K. Pederson, E. Ivanovskaya
Fine-Grained Deposits from Hyperpycnal Flow in Deepwater Basins: Impact on Top Seals in Turbidite Traps, Analogs and Examples
S. E. Thornton
Miocene Current-Modified Submarine Fans
L. E. Arce Perez
Tithonian Pimenta Shale, Onshore Mexico: Unconventional Resource Potenial
D. M. Jarvie, J. Smyth
Petrophysical Properties Evaluation and Lithology Definition of the Tight Oil Formation in Western Siberia
K. Rymarenko, M. Nukhaev
Diamondoids as Molecular Markers for Coupled Oil Cracking and Expulsion Evaluation in Unconventional Petroleum Systems
L. Gao, A. Sneddon, Y. Li, J. Hu, Y. Tang
Simulation Experiments and Characteristics of Secondary Migration Driving Force of Tight Oil: A Case Study of Jurassic in Middle Sichuan
Z. Pang, S. Tao, B. Zhang, S. Wu, J. Yang, R. Chen
Characteristics and Formation Mechanism of Chang 7 Tight Sandstone Oil Reservoir in Ordos Basin, China
W. Han, S. Tao, W. Ma
The Upper Jurassic – Lower Cretaceous Oil Shales of the Central Mid-Polish Trough
P. Poprawa
Estimating Brittleness Index Using Mineralogy and TOC in the Whangai Formation, New Zealand
T. Y. Fatah, J. P. Salazar, C. Rabe
Carbonate Platform Record of Mid-Cretaceous Oceanic Anoxic Events (OAE), Croatia
A. Husinec, J. Read
First Coupling of ?47 Thermometry and U-Pb Dating to Constrain the Diagenetic Evolution and Thermal History of Sedimentary Basins : The Case of the Paris Basin (France)
X. Mangenot, M. Bonifacie, A. Gerdes, V. Rouchon, M. Gasparrini
Effect of Diagenesis on Reservoir Distribution in a Sequence Stratigraphic Framework: Evidence From the Changxing Formation (Permian) in Tieshan District of Northeastern Sichuan, China
Y. Huang
Diagenesis and Reservoir Quality of Lengdong Area, Qaidam Basin, China
J. He
The Origin of Ultra-deep Fractured Tight Sandstone Reservoir and the Model of diagenetic Evolution in Kuqa Depression, NW China
C. ge, S. chunsong, H. Zhang
Effect of Diagenesis on Carbonate Ramp Architecture, Last Chance Canyon, New Mexico
P. Tesch, W. Yeap, K. Kvinta, G. Sullivan, M. Pope, B. Reece
Diagenetic Studies and Its Implications on the Reservoir Character of the Anisian-Norian (Triassic) Kingriali Formation, Salt Range (Pakistan)
M. M. Shah, I. Ahmed
Time lapse Seismic, a Journey Trough 20 Years of Seismic Challenges
C. Saint-Andre, B. Blanco, Y. Montico, P. Charron, E. Brechet
Recent improvements for Quantitative 4-D Seismic
C. Hubans, E. Brechet, P. D. Thore, C. Saint-Andre
Seismic Through Simulation With Integrated Time-Lapse Workflow
T. Ramsay, J. Lomask, J. Ting
Characterization of Reservoir Characterization Uncertainties Applied to 3-D & 4-D Data
P. D. Thore, F. Piriac, C. Hubans
Estimation and Re-Parameterization of Saturation and Pressure Changes From Time-lapse Seismic Data Based on Statistical Rock Physics Modeling
D. Grana
Delineating Salt Bodies With 3-D CSEM Technology — Case Study: Perdido Fold Belt, US GoM
Y. Martinez, M. Hiner
Joint Seismic-CSEM Imaging Electrifies Deep Water Exploration
A. Zerilli, M. P. Buonora, P. T. Menezes, J. L. Crepaldi, T. Labruzzo
Benefits From Integrating Seismic and Non-Seismic Data for Offshore Mexico Exploration: From Regional Geological Context to Prospect Imaging and Reservoir Characterization
A. Lovatini, I. Guerra, E. Medina, E. Tartaras
A New Approach for the Enhanced Interpretation of Marine CSEM Data
A. Moustov, E. Pervago, A. Rodríguez Villuendas
Exploration of Hydrocarbons and Mining & Energy Resources Using Non-Seismic Methods - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Technology
M. F. Zamora Santacruz, J. F. Osorno, M. A. Ruiz Gonzalez*, A. V. Garcia
3-D Integration of Seismic, Well and Gravity Data for Sub-Salt Modelling, Validated by Drilling
A. D. Price
Current Status and Advances of Gravity Survey in Oil Exploration and Reservoir Monitoring
J. Mrlina
Source Depth Estimation From Gravity Data Over Bihar Mica Belt, India by Continuous Wavelet Transfor
A. Singh, U. Singh
Interpretation of Airborne Magnetic Data of Upper Benue Trough, Northeastern Nigeria
O. Maxwell, H. Wagiran
Discovery and Challenges of the Southern Gulf of Mexico Gas Province
G. Mora, M. Arreguin, L. Aguilera
Regional Mapping Across the Entire Gulf of Mexico Basin—New Plays, New Perspectives, New Discoveries
B. W. Horn
Positive Outcomes in the M1 Sandstone in a Mature, Low Structure Play – Tarapoa West Area, Oriente Basin, Ecuador
L. Jincheng, D. R. Good*, Z. Xing, Z. Xinjun, H. Quan, R. Orozco, J. Espinosa
New Exploration Ideas Leading to Discoveries and Unlocking New Potential in a Mature Oil Province: The T2 Unit, Llanos Basin, Colombia
J. Castillo, R. Peñas, E. Cardozo, C. A. Villamizar, J. Gelvez, J. Ortiz, A. J. Velasquez, A. R. Mora, V. Caballero, F. De La Parra, V. Blanco
Application of Simultaneous-Stochastic Inversion to Define the Reservoir Architecture in a Complex Heavy-Oil Province
A. J. Velasquez, J. Gelvez, C. A. Villamizar, E. Cardozo, M. Lazala, V. Caballero, F. De La Parra, A. R. Mora
Renewed Exploration Interest in the Mature Basal Tena / M1 Sandstone Play – Kupi-Wanke Area, Block 14, Oriente Basin, Ecuador
L. Jincheng, D. R. Good*, Z. Xing, Z. Xinjun, H. Quan, R. Orozco, J. Espinosa
Sedimentary Geology and Petroleum Potential of Eocene Foredeep Deposits of the Magallanes Basin, Southern Chile
J. Pinto, P. Mellas
Subsurface Mapping of the Early Miocene Retrench Sandstones Along the La Fortune Anticline, Oropouche Oilfield, Southern Basin, Trinidad, W.I.
S. Harrypersad, X. Moonan, V. Young On, S. Rajab, F. Hosein, B. Wilson, A. Costelloe
Factors Controlling Sedimentary and Petroleum System of Early Syn-Rift Plays in Faulted Margin of Continental Rift Basin: An Example in the Eastern Edge of Cuu Long Basin, Offshore Vietnam
H. N. Tran, N. Thap, H. Dang, T. Cuong, T. Xuan, N. Chuc, N. Vinh, T. Lam
An Innovative Reservoir Method for Maximizing Drilling Success Rates in the Sui and Habib Rahi Limestone Plays of Pakistan
S. Mahmoud
Challenges Related to the 3D Geo-Cellular Modeling of Vulcaniclastic Mature Oil Field in Central Sumatra, Indonesia
V. T. Ivanov, M. Prakoso, N. Witasta, W. Nainggoloam, I. Kurmiawan, A. Azzalzalah
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Mario Caiminatti, Petrobras
Magda Chambriard, ANP
Renato Bertani, Barra Energia
Discussion and Q&A
Introductory Remarks
Max Torres, Ecopetrol
Mauricio de la Mora, ANH
Francisco Lloreda, ACP
Discussion and Q&A

Afternoon Presentations

Deepwater Exploration and Production in Crisis — Impact and Solutions
J. Wilson
The Tamar Sands of the Deepwater Levant Basin: A World Class Reservoir System
H. Pettingill, M. K. Davis, G. Fielder, Z. Karcz, J. Steinberg
The Revival of the Turbidite Hydrocarbon Plays in the Brazilian Offshore Basins
S. Kattah
The Darwin Discovery and Its Implication on the Hydrocarbon Potential of the South Falkland Basin
B. J. Farrer
South Atlantic Rifting and the Impact on Equatorial Atlantic Deepwater Exploration
F. R. Love
Seismic Carbonate Reservoir Prediction and Drilling Results, Offshore Nicaragua, Caribbean Sea
R. Bunge, Y. Yusri, S. Miller, E. Ferro, J. Bova
Structural Styles in the Bahia Basin and the South Caribbean Deformed Belt, Colombian Caribbean Margin
P. A. Galindo, L. Lonergan
Basement Fabric from 3-D Seismic, Offshore Deepwater Colombia
B. R. Frost, T. D. Waller
Applying Digital Rock Characterization to a New North American Basin Shale Play
J. Walls, A. Morcote, T. Hintzman
Shale Gas/Oil Reservoir Seismic Characterization for the Mexican Eagle Ford in the Galaxia Project
R. Ávila-Carrera, J. A. Mendoza-Amuchastegui, R. Verm
Shale Gas and Shale Oil Identification Through Geophysical Inversion of Well Logs
F. Perez-Ortega
The Nature and Classification of Organic-Associated Pores Based on In-situ Organic Petrology Through Comparative Study on Marine, Transitional, and Lacustrine Gas Shales in Typical Areas, China
C. Yang, J. Zhang, S. Han, L. Wang, W. Yu
Porosity Evolution of Lacustrine Organic-Matter-Rich Shales in China
L. Su, S. Wu*
The Fault Trajectory Method: A New Technique for Estimating the Location and Dip of Controlling Faults Below Forced Folds
N. Eichelberger, A. Nunns, R. Groshong, I. Yarbuh
Mechanics and Kinematics of the Perdido Foldbelt Toe, Northern Mexico
F. Bilotti, C. A. Guzofski*
Structural Evolution of Deepwater Fold and Thrust Belt, Offshore NW Sabah, Malaysia and Hydrocarbon Implications
W. C. Low, R. Hall
Strike-Slip Fault Systems and Their Kinematic Relationship to Thrust Faults in the Sinu-Offshore Thrustbelt (Colombian Caribbean Sea)
I. Quintero, O. Felipe Marin, E. J. Rueda
Migrating Twin Left-Lateral Faults System Along the North Caribbean Boundary— Implications On Geodynamics Around the Haiti-Cuba Boundary
N. Ellouz, Y. Hamon, R. Deschamps, A. Battani, R. Momplaisir, D. Boisson , C. Prépetit
Shear Fault-Bend Folding Across the Southern Caribbean Basin, Offshore Northern Colombia — Implications for Hydrocarbons Exploration
F. Corredor
Folding and Pre-Folding Natural Fractures in the Cupido Carbonate Platform and Speculative Fracture Characteristics in Equivalent Deep-Water Carbonate Facies
O. Ortega, E. Pliego Vidal, F. Sanchez-Ferrer
Lithofacies Evolution of the Sierra de Chiapas Basin and the Chiapas Paleo Bay, Cretaceous to Eocene
U. Martens, J. Pindell, R. Molina, A. Beltran
Back to the Rocks: Framework of Depositional Acmes in Source Rocks of the Gulf of Mexico Basin and North Caribbean Margin
A. S. Pepper
Frontier Basin Exploration Through Integration of BSR-Derived Geothermal Gradient and CSEM Anomaly-Seismic Co-Rendering — Foz do Amazonas Basin, Brazil
K. Rodriguez, J. Berryman, H. Kearns, M. Saunders
Seismic Stratigraphy and Seismic Geomorphology os Cenozoic Deposits in Salaverry Forearc Basin, Peru: New Insights in Assessing Potential Reservoirs and Plays
D. Timoteo, F. Chemale Junior, E. Borda, A. Ritter Jelinek, C. Helouise Engelmann de Oliveira
Regional Play Concepts of the Namibian Margin: New Mega-Regional Seismic Data Offer Insights Into New Petroleum Plays
E. C. Gillbard, K. McDermott, B. W. Horn, J. Dolson
Petroleum System Modeling of the Shelburne Sub-Basin: An Insight on the Petroleum Potential of the SW Nova Scotia
E. A. Marfisi, A. Arbeaumont , F. Saint-Ange , A. MacDonald, M. Luheshi, L. Cuilhe
Tectonic Evolution and Petroleum Systems of the Llanos Basin, Colombia
A. Mora, D. Garcia, A. Reyes-Harker, M. Parra, V. Blanco, N. Sanchez, F. De la Parra, V. Caballero, G. Rodriguez, C. Ruiz-Valdivieso, J. Naranjo, E. Tesón, B. Horton, I. Quintero, N. Moreno
Basement Control in the Deposition of the Basal Sands (Mirador-Carbonera Fms) of the Southeastern Llanos Basin of Colombia and its Implication in the Distribution of Stratigraphic Traps
I. Sabino, H. Acevedo, C. Macellari
The Oil Charge Enigma of the Tampico-Misantla Basin: Where and When did the “160 Billion bbls Oil-in-Place Discovered to Date” Migrate From?
K. Vazquez, X. Hernandez, M. V. Shann, G. Gray, F. Rocha-Legorreta
Sequence Stratigraphic Framework and Sedimentary Evolution of Niubao Formation in Lunpola Basin, Central Tibet
W. Wei
The Dielectric Permittivity of Carbonate Formations With Different Porosity Types
M. Markov, E. Kazatchenko, A. Moustov
Elastic Wave Propagation in Fractured Media Using the Discontinuous Galerkin Method
J. D. De Basabe, M. K. Sen
Practical Application of Adaptive Least-Squares RTM to Advance Field Development and Uncover New Reserves in the Sub Salt Provinces
C. Zeng, S. Dong, Z. Wu, J. Ji, D. Armentrout
Recent Advances and Experiences in Subsalt Seismic Imaging
P. Williamson, B. Duquet, C. Rivera, C. Agut, R. Baina, V. Duprat
Integrated Subsalt Velocity Model Building in the Central Gulf of Mexico
J. Dai, L. Zhang, S. Chen, C. Peng, A. Ramirez, C. Shih
Statistical Variable Salt Velocity Calculation by Neural Network Classification in the Central Gulf of Mexico
H. Li, J. Hutson, B. Koechner, B. Weir, J. Gardner, C. Peng
Multi-Scale Characterization and Modelling of Non-Marine Microbial Carbonates: The Lower Purbeck Formation (Late Jurassic to Early Cretaceous), Dorset, Southern England (UK)
A. Gallois, E. N. Kozlowski, D. Bosence, P. Burgess
Facies, Architecture and Diagenesis of Middle to Upper Jurassic Carbonates: An Outcrop Analogue for Subsurface Reservoir Prediction (Ghissar - Uzbekistan)
M. Carmeille, R. Bourillot, M. Brunet, E. Barrier, P. Pellenard, J. Schnyder, C. Blanpied, I. Sidorova
Diagenetic and Microbial Steps Leading to the Mineralization of Microbial Mats in Cuban Hypersaline Lagoon (Cayo Coco; North Cuba)
A. Pace, R. Bourillot, A. Bouton, E. Vennin, C. Dupraz, S. Galaup, I. Bundeleva, P. Patrier, C. Thomazo, P. Sansjofre, Y. Yokoyama, M. Franceschi, Y. Anguy, C. Gaborieau, M. Roger, L. Pigot, A. Virgone, P. Visscher
Nomenclature Proposal and Provenance Analysis of the Concepción del Oro Formation (former Formación Caracol): Implications for the Tectonic Evolution of Southern North America in the Late Cretaceous
Y. E. Ocampo-Díaz, M. P. Pinzon-Sotelo*, T. Lawton, G. Chavez-Cabello, A. Ramírez-Díaz, M. Martínez-Paco, F. Velasco-Tapia, M. Guerrero, R. Barboza-Gudiño
Jurassic Eolian Depositional Systems of the Northern and Southern Gulf of Mexico Compared: Implications for New Exploration and Development
J. W. Snedden, J. B. Wagner
Carbonate Depositional Models, Rock Fabrics and Porosities for a Prograding Oolitic Wedge: the Bathonian of Western France (Aquitaine Basin)
S. Andrieu, B. Brigaud, J. Barbarand, E. Lasseur
Importance of Collecting Dimensional Information From Modern Analogs for Use in Ancient Carbonate Reservoir Characterization
A. L. Varga, J. A. Simo
Sedimentological and Structural Interactions Between Mobile Salt and Carbonate Systems in SE Mexico
A. D. Horbury, P. Gutteridge
Understanding the Variation of Fracture Toughness With Sonic and Other Rock Mechanical Properties—Some Laboratory Scale Studies and Their Implications
R. Talreja, R. Kumar, V. Murthy
A Model to Describe the Behavior of Opening / Closing of Naturally Fractured Systems
A. Naranjo, E. A. Lopez, J. M. Mejia
Geomechanical Impact of High Tectonics and Overpressure in Fracture Design — a Tight Gas Reservoir Case in Argentina
J. Guerra Aristizabal
Salt Creep Monitoring in Real Time Drilling Geomechanics: How to Define in Real Time the Mud Weight to Get a Safe Time Window to Drilling, Casing Running and Cementation Job
J. P. Castagnoli, C. Montesinos, D. Munoz
A Revised Overburden Estimation Methodology
T. Llobet
Geopressures Calculation in Real Time to Calibrate Operating Windows
C. Martinez, F. Rodriguez, E. Gonzalez, L. Corrales, A. Leon, E. Hernandez, C. Isidro
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Alma Porres, CNH
Discussion and Q&A
Introductory Remarks
Peru Current Hydrocarbon Industry Status and New Acreage Opportunities: Rafael Zoeger, President of Perupetro
Giant Camisea, Ucayali, Ene and Madre de Dios Hydrocarbon Potential: Federico Seminario, Exploration Manager of Pluspetrol Per£
Impact of Gas in Peru Economy, Pre and Post Camisea: Barbara Bruce, Peru Energy Expert
Discussion and Q&A

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