Shell’s Pursuit of Deepwater Norphlet Play Yields Continued Success
P. Jackson, C. Gibson
Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Reservoirs, Northern Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico
P. Weimer, E. Zimmerman, R. Bouroullec, H. Hersh, B. Snyder
Temporal and Spatial Evolution of Traps, Northern Deep-Water Gulf of Mexico
P. Weimer, R. Bouroullec, E. Zimmerman, H. Pettingill
The Inboard Lower Tertiary Play — U.S. GOM Deepwater
K. F. Inman, J. Shinol, B. Delph
Megaflaps and Composite Halokinetic Sequences: Different Scales of Drape Folding adjacent to Salt Diapirs
M. G. Rowan, K. A. Giles, T. E. Hearon
Seismic Stratigraphic Analysis of the Messinian Evaporite Deposits and Their Temporal and Spatial Distribution in the Western Cyprus Arc, Northeastern Mediterranean
P. Gunes, J. Hall, A. Aksu, G. Cifci
Salt Tectonics in the Sivas Basin (Turkey): Outstanding Seismic Analogues
J. R. Ringenbach, C. Kergaravat, C. Ribes, A. Pichat, E. Legeay, J. Salel, J. Callot
Best Practice Structural Modelling and Kinematic Algorithms Used for Geometric and Sequential Restoration in Salt Basins
F. R. Marks, E. Macaulay, H. Anderson, C. Reilly
Growth Extensional Fault-Related Folds in Salt Basins: A Case Study of the Interplay Between Salt Dynamics and Extension in the West Africa
C. A. Guzofski
Application of Salt Tectonics Concepts to Hydrocarbon Exploration in Mexico
D. J. Allen
Regional Structural Variability in the Deepwater Salina del Istmo – Impact on Petroleum Systems
M. Vallikkat Thachaparambil, N. Herbst, M. Mikhaltsev, M. Smith
Structural Evolution and its Influence on the Deposition of Sediments, Type of Organic Matter and Hydrocarbons Generated in the North Marine Area, Gulf of Paria, Trinidad, West Indies
C. Archie
Integrated Analysis of Six Major U.S. Shale Gas Basins and Shale Oil Basins: Work Flow, Geology and Original Resource in Place
S. W. Tinker
Integrated Analysis of Six Major U.S. Shale Gas Basins and Shale Oil Basins: Reserve and Production Scenarios Through 2045
S. A. Ikonnikova, S. W. Tinker
The Asquith Marker and Other Lewis Shale Strata as an Oil and Gas Source Rock, Greater Green River Basin, Wyoming, United States
L. C. Mayorga-Gonzalez, R. M. Slatt, R. P. Philp
Devonian Naturally Fractured Reservoirs
C. R. D'Arlach
A New Frontier Unconventional Play in Northwest Peru: Lancones Basin
F. Palacios, D. Timoteo, A. Quispe
Shale Gas Potential of the Ordovician-Silurian Complex in the Narol Zone (SE Poland)
P. Poprawa
Process Stratigraphy — Physics-Based Stratigraphic Predictions Applied to Sandy-Steep Submarine Fan Deposits; Example of the Youngest Late Pleistocene Lobe in the Golo Submarine Fan System, East Corsica
G. Gaillot, D. Hoyal, T. Demko, J. Fedele, M. Perillo, V. Abreu
The Stratigraphic Record of Channel-Lobe Transition Zones: A Synthesis of Exhumed Examples From the Karoo Basin, South Africa
D. Hodgson, M. Hofstra, J. Peakall, S. Flint, C. Stevenson
Evolution of the Magdalena Linked Delta-Submarine Fan in a Tectonically Active Setting, Offshore Colombia
G. A. Romero-Otero, R. M. Slatt, C. Pirmez
Dolomite Outcrop Analogues as a Key to Understand the Development of Super-K Layers in a Giant Carbonate Reservoir (Upper Khuff Formation, Middle-East)
F. gisquet, M. Floquet, B. Caline, A. Virgone, J. Borgomano
Sequence Sratigraphic Framework of the Southwestern Part of the Actopan Carbonate Platform, Lower Cretaceous, Hidalgo State, Mexico
G. Abascal-Hernández, G. Murillo-Muñetón, M. Martini
Complex Reservoir Architecture As Revealed By Broadband Wide Azimuth 3-D Seismic – Implications for Reservoir Risk In the Deepwater Salina del Istmo Basin, Mexico
M. Mikhaltsev, M. Vallikkat Thachaparambil, N. Herbst
Eastern Guyana Shelf Margin Stratigraphic Architecture
J. Salazar, J. Diez, M. Rajotte, A. Kean, P. Painuly, S. Adrianto, C. Moss
Redox Conditions Across the Cambrian-Ordovician Boundary: Elemental and Isotopic Signatures Retained in the GSSP Carbonates — Expansion of the High-Resolution Chemostratigraphic Profile Set of the GSSP Enhanced Global Correlation Tool
A. Charest Bisnaire, K. Azmy, B. Kendall, S. Stouge, G. Bagnoli
Miocene Ash Beds in The Central Gulf of Mexico: Case Study and Analysis
M. A. Gutierrez, J. I. Guzman, D. Sawyer
An All-scale Analysis of Shale Pore Structure of Continental Shale in Ordos Basin, NW China
D. Chen, X. Pang, F. Jiang, X. Shao, J. Dai
Turbidites Characterization From Seismic Stratigraphy Analysis: Application to the Netherlands Offshore F3 Block
E. J. Illidge, J. Camargo
Seismic Interpretation, Well Log Analysis and Structural Geometrofmeyal Oil Field, Western Potwar, Disttattock, Punjab,Pakistan
N. Akram
Geostatistical Prediction of Reservoir Petrophysical Properties by Copula-Based Dependence Models Between Seismic Attributes and Petrophysical Properties
M. A. Diaz-Viera, A. Erdely, R. Del Valle Garcia*, T. Kerdan, F. Mendoza-Torres
Velocity Modeling in Areas of High Structural Complex in the Gulf of Mexico
J. R. Torres Posadas, M. L. de Jesús, S. C. David, R. G. Chacón
Multiattribute Analysis to Assist Structural Interpretation: An Example for a Structurally Complex Onshore Oil Field in Eocene Calcareous Conglomerates Veracruz, Mexico
A. S. Romero Pelaez, K. Marfurt, J. Hernández-Martínez, J. Rueda Rojas
Fracture Characterization at Multiple Scales Integrating Geologic, Borehole and Seismic Data in Tight Oil Sandstones
W. Lyu, L. Zeng, S. Chen, P. Lyu
The Marine Vibrator JIP
A. Feltham, J. Mougenot, M. Jenkerson, S. Griswold, A. Cozzens
Impact of Innovative Technologies to Hydrocarbon Exploration
A. Tamez Ponce, M. Vázquez García, R. Rios Cedeño, G. Torres Acuña
Processing and Interpretation Considerations for Full Waveform Inversion of PSDM Velocity Fields
A. Rueger, R. Basker
Seismic Mega Merger and Subsurface Integration Workflow in the Neuquén Basin, Argentina
D. M. Samake, P. Zarian, P. Xu, B. Jones, F. Sanchez-Ferrer, E. Pliego Vidal, G. Soto
Automated Early-Arrival Travel Time Tomography Using Full-Azimuth, Long-Offset Dual Coil Data in U.S. Deepwater Gulf of Mexico
J. Tang, Y. Xue, G. Zhu, C. Peng
Application of Full-Waveform Inversion for Shale Diapirs and Carbonate Rafts in the U.S. Central Gulf of Mexico
H. Li, W. Kang, J. Hutson, B. Koechner, B. Weir, J. Gardner, C. Peng
Improving Reservoir Production Forecast Accuracy — Application of Lessons Learned From Conventional Reservoirs
W. Meddaugh
A Precursor to the Mexican Offshore: A Post Well Analysis Multidisciplinary Approach for a More Confident Understanding of a Complex Petroleum System
E. Smith, D. Little, J. Clarke, B. Torry, J. Kegel, D. Bate*
Diagenetic and Rock Physics Depth Trends in the Veracruz Tertiary Basin, Mexico
J. C. Gloria-Lopez
Reservoir Lithology and Fluid Characterization Based on Extended Elastic Impedance Inversion: A Gulf of Mexico Case Study
T. Hong
Structural and Stratigraphic Evolution of the North Marine Area, Gulf of Paria, Trinidad, Since the Pliocene
C. Archie
A New Look at the Petroleum System within the S-659 Area, Soldado North, Gulf of Paria
K. Moonan, S. Gazalie*
Re-Thinking Reservoirs: The Case of the T2 Sands in the Southern Llanos Basin of Colombia
J. Gelvez, C. A. Villamizar, A. R. Mora, V. Caballero, F. De La Parra, J. Ortiz, E. Cardozo, A. J. Velasquez
Oil Field Water Management in North Kuwait
A. K. Pathak, S. Zaidi*, A. Sabry
Reservoir Characterization of Lower Roabiba Sandstone in FA Field, Bintuni Bay, West Papua, Indonesia
F. F. Azmalni, A. Purwati, S. Andaryani
Key Factors of Oil-Gas Reservoir-Forming in Ordovician Carbonate Reservoirs in Gucheng Uplift, Tarim Basin, Northwest China
Z. You, S. Anjiang, Z. Xingping, S. Guanmin
Carbon and Oxygen Isotopic Compositions, and Palaeoenvironmental Significance of Saline Lacustrine Dolomite From the Qaidam Basin, Western China
Z. Fan
Geophysical Basin Modeling: Velocity Modeling for Seismic Imaging in Complex Geology Settings 1
T. Szydlik, I. Brevik, H. Helgesen, G. De Prisco, S. Clark, O. Leirfall, K. Duffaut, C. Stadtler, M. Cogan
Improved Seismic Imaging of the Sub-Salt Logan Reservoir: Ultra Deep Water Setting in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico
J. Williams
Imaging Challenges in Deep Water Mexico: Advanced Technology Solutions
A. Alemam, J. Browett, J. Heimbach, E. Medina*, C. Morales, H. Nieto, J. Thekkekara, S. Yong , J. Zuech
Application of Seismic Imaging Techniques and Quantitative Interpretation and Their Impact in Exploration and Hydrocarbon Discoveries, Offshore Southeastern Basin, Mexico
U. R. del Angel, I. Pereznegrón Zarco, A. Santana Fernández
Advanced Methods to Build Complex Earth Models for Seismic Modeling
F. Le Diagon, L. Arechiga Salinas*, E. Serrano Casillas, F. Maya Alcántara
Regional interpretation Across the Entire Gulf of Mexico Basin — A New Perspective
B. W. Horn, A. Goswami, E. Haire, J. Pindell, B. Radovich, J. Gross
Seismic Monitoring of the Pyrenees Field: A 4-D Success Case Study
R. Meza, G. Duncan, K. Kostas, S. Kuzmin, M. Florez, T. Perret, J. Stewart
Utilizing Full Waveform Inversion to Improve Reservoir Imaging and Inversion in East Breaks, Gulf of Mexico
B. Bai, G. Yu, S. wang
Following Seismic Depth Imaging Technology for the Mexican Oil Industry: Experiences and Lessons Learned
S. Chávez-Pérez, M. Centeno-Miranda, D. A. Gómez-Reyes, L. Vargas-Meleza
Subsalt Velocity Trend and Its Spatial Variation in the Central Gulf of Mexico
J. Dai, L. Zhang, S. Chen, C. Peng
Fracture Facies: Static Fracture Distribution Model Based on Sedimentary Facies
D. Bolaños-Rodríguez, A. Altamira Areyan
Signal to Noise Analysis of Densely Sampled Microseismic Data
B. Artman
Fluid-Filled Fractures Mapping Using S-Wave Attenuation on Microseismic Events
G. B. Bergery, T. Shuck, D. E. Diller
Ultra-Deep Fractured Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoirs: Characteristics and Quantitative Evaluation of Fractures in the Lower Cretaceous, Keshen Gas Field Tarim Basin, China
J. Wang, R. Zhang, H. Zhang
Rock Physics Template and its Significance in Velocity Model Building and Pore Pressure Prediction
J. Dai
Geological Implications of Overpressure and Fracture Gradients in Deepwater Fold-and-Thrust Belt, Offshore Malaysia
T. Sato, I. Takahashi, R. Swarbrick, R. Lahann
Characteristics and Origin of Overpressure in the Northwest Part of Nanpu Sag
C. Jia
Introductory Remarks
Control Factors of Organic Matter Sedimentation in a Modern Mud-Rich Turbiditic System: A Sedimentological and Geochemical Approach
S. Mignard, T. Mulder, P. Martinez, T. Garlan, A. El Albani, F. Baudin
Molecular Organic Geochemistry of Crude Oils from Fields in the Albertine Graben, Uganda: Possible Implications on the Expulsion of the Oils From the Source Rock
J. Lukaye
Geochemical Methods Required to Determine the Sources of Oils from Latin American Basins
M. Moldowan, J. E. dahl
Source Rock Deposition Controlled by Tectonic Subsidence and Climate in the Western Pearl River Mouth Basin, China Evidence From Organic and Inorganic Geochemistry
Y. Quan, F. Hao
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