Source Rock Analysis in the Western Caribbean Region
L. M. Bernardo, C. Bartolini, L. Benkovics, P. Wellman, W. Hermoza, C. restrepo, M. Gonzalez, M. Norini, J. Silva
Geologic and Volumetric Evaluation of Prospects Offshore Uruguay
B. Conti, S. Ferro, J. Tomasini, P. Gristo, H. de Santa Ana
Heat Flow Calculated vs Heat Flow Measured in Gulf of Mexico the Oceanic Crust
J. Rosales
Petroleum System Modeling and Exploration Potentiality in Abu Sufyan Sub-Baisn, Muglad Basin, the Republic of Suda
Z. LI, Y. Shi, R. Gao, Y. Su
Fractures Development Characteristics and Their Effect on Productivity in Tight Sandstone Reservoirs, Keshen Gas Field, Kuqa Depression
Y. Liu, G. Wang, Z. Cheng, Y. Cui
Fracture Characterization of the Woodford Shale in the Arbuckle Anticline, Southern Oklahoma, Using Terrestrial Lidar
B. Ginter, I. Cemen
The Influence of Offset and Gouge on Permeability in Macro-Fractured Basalt
G. Wang, T. Mitchell, P. Meredith, X. Zhang, Z. Wu
The Fracture Dilemma: Fast Fracture Quantification Using High-Definition Logging While-Drilling Borehole Images to Automatically Extract Fractures and Its Impacts on Completion and Production.
O. Zened
Integrated Factors Controlling the Characteristics of Tight Oil Reservoir of the Lucaogou Formation in the Jimsar Sag of Junggar Basin, Northwest China
Y. Su, M. Zha, C. Gao, J. Qu, X. Ding
Factors Influencing Oil Heterogeneity in the Permain Loucaogou Lacustrine Tight Oil Reservoir in the Jimusar Sag, Junggar Basin, China
C. Li, G. Liu, Z. Cao
Geological Factors Controlling Pore Throat Type Distribution in Lacustrine Tight Sandstone Reservoirs: the Chang 7 Tight Sandstone of the Ordos Basin, China
C. Li, G. Liu, Z. Cao
Quantitative Evaluation of Diagenesis and Porosity Evolution of a Tight Sandstone Reservoir — A Case Study of the Southwestern Part of the Ordos Basin, China
B. Li, X. Pang, J. Fujie, Z. Chunlin
Tight Reservoir Characteristics of Sedimentary Organic-Matter-Bearing Tuff and Influencing Factors of Petrophysical Propertyin the Santanghu Basin, Northwest China
J. Ma
Reserves Evaluation and Field Development Forecast for Unconventional Oil in Western Siberia
K. Rymarenko, M. Nukhaev
Clastic Reservoir Quality: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach Based on of Field-Sampling, Satellite Mapping, Geodynamic and Provenance Analysis
E. Santoro, P. A. Marshall, A. G. Palombo
Integration of Surface and Subsurface Data With New Technologies to Enhance Reservoir Knowledge in Mesozoic Fractured Carbonates Analogues of Mexico
A. G. Palombo, P. A. Marshall, E. Santoro, I. Masucci, M. Oehlers
Drilling Dynamics Knowledge Contributes to Reservoir Navigation Decisions in Peregrino Field, Offshore Brazil
R. C. Baptista, E. Z. Ferreira, A. Martins, O. Sanabria, S. Soltvedt, J. Barbosa, G. C. Simões, E. Galleti
Nannofossils for Refined Stratigraphic Time Resolution in Mumbai Offshore Basin of India
R. K. Saxena
Analysis Of Magnetite Mineral Influence On Clean Sandstone Reservoir Resistivity Through Correction Methods In Low Resistivity Pay Zone
E. Yanto

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