Reconstruction of Post-Rift Anomalous Subsidence in Qiongdongnan Basin, Northern South China Sea
B. Kang, X. Xie, K. Wu, J. Xu
The Architecture of Buried Reverse Fault Zone in Sedimentary Basin: A Case From the Northwest Margin of Junggar Basin, China
Y. Liu, K. Wu, W. Xi*, Y. Pei
Geological Framework and Gas Hydrate Potential in Deepwater Fold-and-Thrusted Belt of the Lower Gaoping Slope Offshore SW Taiwan
L. Lin, C. Liu, J. Chang, H. Hsu
Conceptual Geological Model About Hydrocarbon Flow Through Fractures in Siliciclastic Sequences of the Chicontepec Fm.
D. Bolaños-Rodríguez, M. Cruz-Castillo, A. Acosta-Angeles
The Evolution of Forebulge Structure of Kuqa Rejuvenated Foreland Basin, North of Tarim Basin, Northwest China
T. Sun
Relationship among West Taiwan Foreland Basin Development, Inherited Extensional Structures and Taiwan Orogeny
Y. Chang, K. Yang, J. Wu
The Geometry and Kinematics of the Kashi-Aksu Foreland Thrust System, Northwestern Margin of the Tarim Basin
J. Miao, C. Jia
Record and Constraints of the Eastward Advance of the Caribbean Plate in Northern South America
J. F. Flinch, V. Castillo
3-D Visualization and Geological Analysis of Deepwater Geobodies, Potiguar Basin (Offshore, NE Brazil)
W. B. Araújo, E. L. Barbosa, L. O. Oliveira, F. G. de Souza
Combining Sea Surface Oil Slicks and Seismic Imagery to Identify Working Hydrocarbon Plays in Offshore Mexico
A. Pandey, P. Hargreaves, K. Rodriguez*, M. Saunders
Oil Seeps on the Seafloor of Perdido, Mexico
M. Mano, C. H. Beisl, C. Soares
An Update of Hydrocarbon Potential of Cuban Exclusive Economic Zone in the Gulf of Mexico
O. Corzo, O. López, B. Domínguez Garces, J. López Rivera, O. Castiñeira, A. Nieves, J. Gómez Herrera
Source Rocks Maturity and Generation Processes Estimation in Cuban Exclusive Economic Zone in the Gulf of Mexico
O. López, O. Corzo*, J. López Rivera, B. Domínguez Garcés
A New Prospective of US Gulf of Mexico from a Large Scale Seismic Reimaging Project
C. Peng
Petrophysic Behavior of Reservoirs and Seals in Cuban Economic Exclusive Zone in the Gulf of Mexico and its Surroundings
O. Castiñeira
Stratigraphy of Cuban Exclusive Economic Zone in the Gulf of Mexico
A. Nieves
Subsalt Seismic Imaging Advances in the Mexican Petroleum Provinces
A. Vazquez
Structural Styles and History of Exploration in the Wilcox Formation in the Deep Water Gulf of Mexico
M. Valderrama
Mass-Transport Complexes as Markers of Deep-Water Fold-and-Thrust Belt Evolution; Insights from the Magdalena Fan, Offshore Colombia
A. Ortiz-Karpf, D. Hodgson, C. A. Jackson, W. D. McCaffrey
Formation Damage Disaggregation in Gas Well and Sensitivity Reservoirs From Build Up Well Test
A. Naranjo, E. A. Lopez, S. Zapata, C. A. Rangel
Data Quality Control to Increase Geomechanical Modelling Accuracy
B. Teixeira Silveira
Analysis of the Transfer Process and Dynamic Variations of Pore Pressure for the High Rank Coal in the Southern Qinshui Basin, China
R. Li, S. Wang
Seismic Attenuation Workflow for Lithology and Fluid Interpretation
R. Del Valle Garcia, T. Kerdan, A. Leon, J. Flores-Renteria, M. A. Diaz-Viera
Application of Geostatistical Inversion in the Thin Sand Body Prediction: A Case Study in Yangqian 19 Area, Nanxiang Basin
S. Ren, G. Yao, Z. He
Automatic, Geological Layer-Constrained Seismic-Well Tie Through Blocked Dynamic Warping
K. Wang, J. Lomask, F. R. Segovia
Integrated Study of Dolomitization in an Evaporite Platform Evidenced by 3-D Seismic Data and Rock Analysis: Middle Triassic Leikoupo Formation in Longgang Area, Sichuan Basin, China
Z. Xu, S. Hu, H. Zeng, Q. Fu, L. Wang
Determination of the Laminar, Structural and Disperse Shale Volumes Using a Joint Inversion of Conventional Logs
A. Aquino-López, A. Moustov, M. Markov, E. Kazatchenko
Integrated Interpretation of 3-D Seismic Data
L. Singh, A. Mishra

The Impact of Heterogeneity on Stressed Steady State Permeability Measurements in the Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina
P. Zarian, G. Baechle, O. Ortega, M. Thompson, E. Pliego Vidal, F. Sanchez-Ferrer
Non-Geologic Factors Necessary to Develop a Shale Industry in Mexico
E. J. Meneses-Scherrer, G. Gülen, S. W. Tinker
The Pimienta Formation as a Self-Sourced Unconventional Play in Tampico-Misantla Basin, Onshore Mexico
E. Pliego Vidal, F. Sanchez-Ferrer, J. Roman Ramos, J. Galicia, P. Zarian, D. Minisini, M. Thompson
Optimal Application of Rejuvenation Technologies in Unconventional Plays Based on Sensitivity Analysis of Reservoir Modeling Variables
R. Pinto
Integrated Approach for Unconventional System Analysis and Modeling: The Lower and Middle Triassic of Western Canada
T. Euzen, S. Rohais, V. Crombez, M. Ducros, M. Romero-Sarmiento, M. Gasparrini, W. Sassi, E. Bemer, H. Tazi, B. Carpentier, B. Chauveau, S. Pauthier, D. Granjeon, F. Baudin
The Application of the Geostatistical Inversion in Shale Lithofacies Prediction
X. Liu
3-D Model Based Preliminary Assessment of Shale Gas Resources. Case Study: Central Part of the Lublin Basin Area, Poland
B. Papiernik
Experiments and Characteristic Analysis of Mud Filtrate Invasion in Low Porosity and Low Permeability Sandstone Reservoir
J. Wu, Y. Fan
Geochemical Technologies to Characterize Heavy Oil and the Sources for Mixed Oil in Latin America
M. Moldowan
Geochemical Study of the Sinemurian Arietites Bucklandi Zone in the Blue Lias of Lyme Regis (Dorset, UK)
A. Nava Cedillo
The Role of Minerals in Petroleum Generation, a Laboratory Perspective
Organic Matter Enrichment of Upper Ordovician Ordovician-Lower Silurian Black Shales in Yichang Area
X. Yang
Geochemistry of Natural Gases and Condensate in Tazhong Region, Tarim Basin
J. Dong, Z. Huang
Hydrocarbon Migration Along the Fault Intersection Zone—A Case Study on the Ordovician Carbonate Reservoirs in the Tazhong Area, Tarim Basin, NW China
Y. Wang, J. Chen
Genetic Origin of Gas and its Effect on Hydrocarbon Property in the Ordovician of Tazhong Area Tarim Basin, NW China
Y. Wang, J. Chen
Origin and Distribution of CO2 in the Deepwater Area of the Pearl River Mouth Basin, South China Sea
Y. Liu, H. Chen
Depth to Groundwater: Interpolation Techniques Using Large Datasets From Groundwater Wells in Louisiana
M. A. Pellegran, W. P. Broussard , D. M. Borrok
Evalution of Different Remediation Measures for Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soils
O. Omolade
Analysis of Water Distribution in the State of San Luis Potosi, México and its Relation to the Use of Resource Through a Geospatial Modeling
A. Cárdenas-Tristán
A Brief History of the Exploration History of the Gulf of Suez, Egypt
W. A. Wescott, M. Atta, J. C. Dolson
The Analysis of Application Seismic Interferometry to Interpolate Missing Seismic Data
L. S. Ahmad
Implications of Seismic Attribute Computations From Depth-Migrated Data
L. Vargas-Meleza, E. Espinoza-Carrasco, S. Chávez-Pérez
Seismic-Based Sedimentary Episode Identification for Overlapping Compound Sedimentary Bodies in Continental Lacustrine Rift Basins: A Case Study from the Bohai Bay Basin, China
S. Li, H. Zhu
Depositional Characteristics of Gravity Flow and Its Geologic Significance of the Continental Fault Basins: A Case at the Third Member of Shahejie Formation in Maozhou Area of Baxian Depression, China
T. Wang, Y. Ji, Z. Li, D. Liu, T. Cheng
Predicting Reservoir Facies Distribution in the Subsurface: Hodgeman County, Kansas
J. K. Clayton, M. Totten, A. Raef
Facies and Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Upper Cretaceous Woodbine-Eagle Ford Interval in Leon, Madison, Grimes and Brazos Counties, Texas.
S. Vallabhaneni
Foreland Sequence Framework Within and Outside of a Cratonic-scale Fault System: Preliminary Analysis of the Roles of Tectonics and Eustasy from the Ottawa Embayment, Central Canada
N. E. Oruche, G. Dix
Porosity Estimation from Image Log - Improving Petrophysics Evaluation in Natural Fractured Formation with Low Primary Porosity System
R. E. Rengel, L. A. Rodriguez*
Using Core, Log and Seismic Data to Resolve the Cretaceous Units of the Powder River Basin
C. Davies, S. Purvis, R. Kenny, J. Fenton
Clastic Reservoir Position and Composition Prediction — Application to the Western Gulf of Mexico
P. van Heiningen

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