Low-cost Non-Seismic Methods for Oil & Gas Exploration
Density Mapping Technology — A New Geophysical Method for Density Contrast Exploration in the Crust
J. Cerny, L. Sokol*, T. Marhansky, M. Pospisil, V. Vatrt
Detectability Enhancement Toward High Resistive Target With Synthetic Aperture Source for 3-D Marine CSEM Data Modeling at the Rugged Seafloor
C. Ma, J. Shen, Y. Gao
Regional Groundwater Studies Using Aeromagnetic Technique
E. S. Joel
A Variable Speed Drive Designed to Reduce Operating Expenditure and Maximizing Oil Production in Electrical Submersible Pump Applications: Case History in Ecopetrol
A. Diaz, P. Aguinaga Rodriguez , N. Devia Orjuela, C. Gonzalez Artunduaga, L. Matheus
Non Seismic Geophysical Applications-Gravity Method
T. Bawa
Successful Applications of SEM-Based Formation Evaluations While Drilling
Y. Yao, C. Ly*
A Sequence Stratigraphy-Based Diagenetic Study with the Sha-3 Member Sandstones in the Central-South Parts of the Raoyang Depression as an Example
K. Zhang
Impact of Dolomitization and Solid Bitumen on the Lower Triassic Shoal Reservoir, in Tieshan Gas Filed, Northeastern Sichuan Basin, Southwest China
J. Li
Carbonate Reservoir Within the Ordovician in the Dongpu Area, Bohai Bay Basin, Eastern China: Diagenesis and Diagenetic Evolution
J. Xiao, H. Ji, F. Yang, C. Fang, N. Hua, H. Li
The Genetic Mechanism of Lower Cretaceous Red Beds in North Yellow Sea Basin
R. Wang, W. Shi
Using Analogue Hypogene Karst Systems to Understand the Pre-Sal Carbonate Reservoirs Offshore Brazil
C. L. Cazarin, F. H. Bezerra, R. D. Ennes-Silva, F. Balsamo, A. S. Auler
3-D Seismic Attributes and Lithofacies Analysis: The Morrison NE Field and Morrison Field, Clark County, KS
A. Vohs, A. Linares, A. Raef, M. Totten
Exploring the Thin Talangakar Formation Sandstone Using Integrated Seismic Multi-Attribute Analysis and Spectral Decomposition in Kuang Area, South Sumatra Basin
N. C. Wibowo
Stratigraphy, Seismic Characteristics, and Reservoir Properties of the Desmoinesian Granite Wash, Buffalo Wallow Field Area, Anadarko Basin, Texas
D. E. senoglu, M. Pranter, R. M. Slatt, K. Marfurt
Stratigraphic Architecture and Depositional Environments of A Mud-Rich, Fine-Grained Early Foreland Basin Source-to-Sink System: Pennsylvanian Atoka Formation in Arkansas
P. HOU, L. Wood
Characterization of the Negative Carbon Isotope Shift in Segment C2 of the Organyà Basin, El Pui Section, Spain; a Potentially Useful Chemostratigraphic Marker Prior to OM-rich Interval Associated with Oceanic Anoxic Event 1a (OAE 1a)
J. Socorro, F. J-M. R. Maurrasse, Y. SANCHEZ-HERNANDEZ
Stratigraphic/Sedimentological Analysis of Two Major Marine Transgressions During Cretaceous Time in the Actopan Platform, Hidalgo State, Mexico
J. M. León-Francisco, G. Murillo-Muñetón, S. Franco-Navarrete
Facies Description, Depositional Environment and Petroleum Potential of the Lyons Sandstone, Colorado Front Range and Northeastern Denver Basin
O. Kendigelen, S. Egenhoff
Exhumation of a Proximal Foredeep and Associated Thust Belt Evidenced by Porosity Versus Depth Trends: the Upper Cretaceous Vivian Sandstones in Western Marañón Basin (Perú)
O. R. Lopez-Gamundi, C. Lopez-Gamundi
Effect of Pore Structure on Methane Sorption Capacity of Shales
S. Liu, S. He, Y. Gao
Geochemical Characteristics of Eocene Dolomite in the Saline Lacustrine Basin, Qiadam, China
J. Yuan, J. Wang, C. Huang, F. Zhao
Depocenter Migration From the Identification of Genetic Sequences in the Senoian to Paleocene in the Southeast of Santos Basin
A. Henao

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